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Hazardous Area Classification: About Me

EngWorks specializes in the hazardous area classification design of facilities handling flammable gases, liquids and combustible dusts.  Our goal is to ensure that the hazardous area classification design is appropriate for the hazards that may exist in your facility.  

​This allows you to determine the appropriate equipment, installation requirements and operating procedures required to achieve  a safe working environment in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and electrical code requirements. 

Hazardous Area Classification: About

All work is done under the supervision of a IEC COPC (Certificate of Competence) certified engineer and signed off under a Professional Engineering seal. This provides you with the confidence that the design is performed by skilled personnel experienced in the field of hazardous area classification.  We are experienced in both the Zone and Division methods of hazardous area classification and incorporate IEC, API and NFPA standards in our designs.  We can help you determine what approach provides the maximum benefit to your facility and that the degree and extents of classified areas are appropriate with the hazard level that exist within your facility.All designs are fully documented, allowing you to easily maintain the hazardous area classification design over the life of the facility.

Hazardous Area Classification: About

A typical design may include:

⦁ Hazardous area classification design drawings
⦁ Area classification cross sectional details
⦁ Design basis report incorporating:
⦁ Flammable gas/vapour/liquids mixture analysis
⦁ Combustible dust analysis
⦁ Source of release worksheets
⦁ Fugitive emission and release analysis
⦁ Adequate ventilation design calculations
⦁ Building ventilation design
⦁ Purged and pressurized building design
⦁ Design requirements for vapor barrier systems separating classified from unclassified areas
⦁ Infrared sensing and gas quantification analysis
⦁ Criteria for locating LFL gas detector

Hazardous Area Classification: About Me
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