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If you have 6 or more people who need training on a specific topic, consider arranging an in-house training course.

EngWorks technical training courses are designed for Engineers, EITs, Technicians, Operations, Maintenance and Sales Personnel operating in refineries, water treatment plants, manufacturing, oil & gas plants or similar industries.

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Training Courses

Hazardous Area Classification (Combustible Dust)
Hazardous Area Classification (Flammable Liquids)
Hazardous Locations (Explosive Gas Atmospheres)
Hazardous Area Classification for Gas Utilities
Canadian Electrical Code for Industrial Users
Grounding Fundamentals
Industrial Power System Fundamentals
Introduction to Industrial Power Systems and Hazardous Locations Fundamentals
Hazardous Locations for Sales & Manufacturing Personnel
Intrinsic Safety
Motors and Generators

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Allan was very knowledgeable about the subject of this course (Motors & Generators). Even more, his teaching style was great for transferring knowledge to the audience. 

- A. Alvarez

Course Fees

$6,500 CAD for one day
$9,500 CAD for two days 

Cost includes course presentation and travel within most provinces in Canada. The maximum number of participants is twenty-five with a recommended minimum of six.

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