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Hazardous Location Product Certification for Manufacturers

A seven-hour course intended for Engineering, Marketing and Sales personnel who design, manufacture, and sell products for use in hazardous locations. The course covers codes and product standards that apply to flammable gas and combustible dust hazardous locations, HazLoc protection technology applied to a product design application, and certifying a HazLoc product.


Course Description

Learning Objectives:

  • To know the various codes and product standards that apply to flammable gas and combustible dust hazardous locations

  • To apply the appropriate HazLoc protection technology to a product design application

  • To understand the product certification process and the options available for certifying a HazLoc product

Course Information

Price: $1095 CAD + GST

Course Includes:

  • Hardcopy binder with slide presentation

  • PDF of course materials

  • Certificate of attendance


Allan Bozek, P.Eng, MBA Allan has over 30 years experience in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of industrial power systems. The scope of his experience includes manufacturing, oil and gas production, refining, water treatment and mining industrial facilities. He is a member of the IEEE industrial applications society, a committee member of the Canadian Electrical Code Section 18 (Hazardous Locations) and is a registered Profession Engineer in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Detailed Outline

1. Hazardous Location Fundamentals

  • Class I Hazardous Locations (Flammable Gases)

  • Fire Triangle

  • Properties of flammable gases/vapours

  • Hazardous area classification

    • Division vs. Zone method of classification

  • Class II Hazardous Locations (Combustible Dusts)

    • Fire Pentagon

    • Properties of combustible dusts

    • Hazardous area classification

      • Division vs. Zone method of classification

2. Overview of the Canadian Electrical Safety System

3. Codes and Standards

  • Product vs. Installation Standards

  • Canadian Standards

    • CSA C22.2 No. 0 Part 2 General Requirements

    • List of hazardous Location Standards

  • US Standards

    • General requirements

  • List of hazardous location standards

  • IEC Standards

    • IEC hazardous location standards

  • Introduction to ATEX

4. Hazardous Location Protection Concepts

  • Equipment Protection Level (EPL) concepts

    • EPL Ga, Gb, Gc

    • EPL Da, Db, Dc

  • Class I Location Protection Concepts

    • Explosionproof and Ex d flameproof protection

    • Ex e Increased Safety

    • Ex i Intrinsic Safety

    • Ex N Non Incendive

    • Ex p Pressurization

    • Ex o Oil immersion

    • Ex q Sand filled

    • Ex m Encapsulation

  • Class II Location Protection Concepts

    • Dust‐Ignitionproof and Dust Protected

    • Dust protected and Ex tD Protection by Enclosure

5. Product Certification Requirements for Hazardous Locations

  • Definition of approved

    • Canada

    • US

    • IEC

  • Product certification process

    • Canada and US

      • Certification options

        • Product certifications

        • Field evaluation

        • Field certification

    • IEC and Europe

      • IECEx Scheme

      • ATEX Certification

6. Hazardous Location Product Markings

  • Division method of product marking

    • Class

    • Division/Zone

    • Group Classification

    • Temperature Codes

  • Zone method of product marking

    • EPL

    • Protection Scheme

    • Group Classification

    • Temperature Code


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